Human Acts ~ Han Kang

A collection of short stories regarding brutal violence in South Korea, this tragic book was difficult to read, but left my eyes a little wider to the events of the world. The opening story follows the death of Dong-Ho, and appropriately the final story is about Dong-Ho's mother, but there are several different perspectives in … Continue reading Human Acts ~ Han Kang


The Strange Library ~ Haruki Murakami

Date Completed: 10/25/2015 Rating: 6/10 Along the same lines as La Cabeza, por Pedro Cabiya, The Strange Library is a whirlwind fantasy. Murakami spins a story like something out of a nightmare, a very strange nightmare where people and animals are interchangeable and everyone understands each other without speaking the same language. His language choice was … Continue reading The Strange Library ~ Haruki Murakami