An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good ~ Helene Tursten

  Rating: 3/5 This noir short story collection follows an elderly woman named Maud. She has lived in her building for 88 years of her life with her mother and sisters before they died. When the apartment building was bought by her landlord, she received a contract to live there rent-free for the remainder of … Continue reading An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good ~ Helene Tursten


The Illustrated Man ~ Ray Bradbury

Rating: 3/5 This collection of short stories is science fiction, but in a lot of them there is a heavy element of psychological thriller. This thriller component is part of what makes Bradbury's writing exciting and why I believe he has had a large readership over time. These stories feel as if they could almost … Continue reading The Illustrated Man ~ Ray Bradbury

Violent Ends ~ Edited by Shaun Hutchinson

Rating: 5/5 This book is a major heartbreaker, a downer in every sense of the word. But it is also incredibly well written. Violent Ends is an anthology (short story collection) from seventeen points of view about a school shooting. Trigger warning for sexual assault, physical assault, eating disorders, and probably a few other things … Continue reading Violent Ends ~ Edited by Shaun Hutchinson