Amina’s Voice ~ Hena Khan

Rating: 4/5 A lovely story of a young girl finding her way to singing despite her family biases. She's never been quite comfortable being front and center, and tends to avoid hanging out with the popular girls. She's had the same best friend forever, Soojin, but things are starting to change now that they're in … Continue reading Amina’s Voice ~ Hena Khan

Red Queen ~ Victoria Aveyard

Rating: 4/5 After seeing this book everywhere, I finally decided to pick it up now that the series is either finished or significantly further along. Let me just say, I was a little shocked by how much I enjoyed the story! This is a plot based YA fantasy, heavy on the politics. There's a lot … Continue reading Red Queen ~ Victoria Aveyard

You’d Be Mine ~ Erin Hahn

Rating: 4/5 I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic drama featuring two teen country singers. I felt as though their passion, drama, and developing interests were relatable and kept the pace of the book moving steadily along. Annie Mathers, our protagonist quickly falls for bad-boy musician Clay. The foreshadowing is heavy handed enough to see where the … Continue reading You’d Be Mine ~ Erin Hahn