Not Funny Ha-ha ~ Leah Hayes

Rating: 4/5 I read this nonfiction graphic novel in just one sitting at the library. I happened to pull it off the shelf while the students were playing on the computers, and was immediately intrigued. This is designed to be a handbook for how to handle abortion. Hayes writes of multiple women's experiences and perspectives. … Continue reading Not Funny Ha-ha ~ Leah Hayes

Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter? ~ Heath Fogg Davis

Rating:4/5 Beyond Trans is a very specific and timely look at gender as a classification and discrimination. Heath Fogg Davis shares personal stories and narrative style research from several people with regards to ways in which their gender identification has limited or inhibited their ability to move through the world. Many of the people involved … Continue reading Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter? ~ Heath Fogg Davis

You’d Be Mine ~ Erin Hahn

Rating: 4/5 I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic drama featuring two teen country singers. I felt as though their passion, drama, and developing interests were relatable and kept the pace of the book moving steadily along. Annie Mathers, our protagonist quickly falls for bad-boy musician Clay. The foreshadowing is heavy handed enough to see where the … Continue reading You’d Be Mine ~ Erin Hahn

The Library Book ~ Susan Orlean

Rating: 4/5 This is a love story about libraries and librarians, sharing some lesser known details about the inner workings of libraries, as well as information about the Los Angeles library fire. Heavily observation based, you can tell Orlean is coming from a journalistic perspective through the questions she asks. I really enjoyed some of … Continue reading The Library Book ~ Susan Orlean

Queering the Countryside: Mary L. Gray

This book was difficult to read. And I don't mean the subject matter. No, the fault lies in the writing style. Although I initially was excited by the narrative like style of information gathered and produced, I ultimately found myself disappointed. Because the sample sizes were often so small and story focused, the data did … Continue reading Queering the Countryside: Mary L. Gray