Amina’s Voice ~ Hena Khan

Rating: 4/5 A lovely story of a young girl finding her way to singing despite her family biases. She's never been quite comfortable being front and center, and tends to avoid hanging out with the popular girls. She's had the same best friend forever, Soojin, but things are starting to change now that they're in … Continue reading Amina’s Voice ~ Hena Khan

Tweet Cute ~ Emma Lord

Rating: 4/5 Tweet Cute is a solid young adult romance novel. There aren't many unexpected twists, it's the kind of book where you see the uncomfortable scenes coming from a mile away and are cringing the entire way up to them, knowing the inevitable before the characters can realize it. This romance has wonderful elements … Continue reading Tweet Cute ~ Emma Lord

Violent Ends ~ Edited by Shaun Hutchinson

Rating: 5/5 This book is a major heartbreaker, a downer in every sense of the word. But it is also incredibly well written. Violent Ends is an anthology (short story collection) from seventeen points of view about a school shooting. Trigger warning for sexual assault, physical assault, eating disorders, and probably a few other things … Continue reading Violent Ends ~ Edited by Shaun Hutchinson