Crown of Midnight ~ Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 5/5 Maas has done it again with a fantastic second book in a series! Crown of Midnight really hit the spot. Celaena, now Champion of the King of Adarlan, begins fulfilling her duties to the crown. Yet Celaena remains sneaky, as her loyalties continue to lie elsewhere. Her romantic interests come to fruition in … Continue reading Crown of Midnight ~ Sarah J. Maas


The Buried Giant ~ Kazuo Ishiguro

Rating: 3/5 I have to say, I'm more a fan of Never Let me Go than I am of The Buried Giant. Personally, The Buried Giant is not quite my genre. This historical fiction/fantasy is a tale set in the UK with Saxons and Britons, during Sir Gawain's era and shortly after the fall of … Continue reading The Buried Giant ~ Kazuo Ishiguro