Akata Witch ~ Nnedi Okorafor

Rating: 5/5 Okorafor captured my heart with this brilliant and original young adult fantasy novel. Akata Witch is the story of Sunny, but more than that, it is the story of her community. Sunny goes to school in Nigeria, where she's been living since she was nine. She was born in America to two Nigerian … Continue reading Akata Witch ~ Nnedi Okorafor


Watersnakes ~ Tony Sandoval

Rating: 4/5 This is definitely one of the weirdest and most beautiful graphic novels I've ever read. Mila is a bored teenager, but this summer she encounters a magical person named Agnes, and the things she thinks she knows unfurl as she enters a new reality. Agnes is a ghost, and she's the only one … Continue reading Watersnakes ~ Tony Sandoval