Normal People ~ Sally Rooney

Rating: 4/5 Listening to Normal People on audio was not what I expected. I was drawn in almost immediately by Connell and Marianne's story, and the accent of the narrator, presumably Irish as the story is set in Ireland, kept me hooked. I found chores to do in order to spend more time listening to … Continue reading Normal People ~ Sally Rooney

This Lullaby ~ Sarah Dessen

Rating: 3/5 While entertaining, This Lullaby was not as fulfilling as Just Listen. My second Dessen novel (but not my last!) I was expecting a formulaic approach, heavy topics, and romance that I got from Just Listen. There was that, but nothing that stood out as novel. Remy, our main character, is classicly avoiding relationships … Continue reading This Lullaby ~ Sarah Dessen

Three Apples Fell from the Sky ~ Narine Abgaryan

Rating:3/5 Three Apples Fell from the Sky follows an Armenian woman named Anatolia through various parts of her life, and the life of the town. You may be thinking to yourself, towns don't live lives. This one seems to. This is magical realism on par with the writing style of One Hundred Years of Solitude, … Continue reading Three Apples Fell from the Sky ~ Narine Abgaryan

Six Goodbyes We Never Said ~ Candace Ganger

Rating: 4/5 Naima is a young woman coping with the tragic loss of her father, a fallen Marine. Interspersed throughout the book we get glimpses of their relationship through visual voicemails left from her dad, who obviously cared about her a lot. She was angry with him before he died, for leaving her again, and … Continue reading Six Goodbyes We Never Said ~ Candace Ganger