City ~ Keiichi Arawi

Rating: 3/5 I picked this book up for the cute cover art and ended up enjoying the style quite a bit. This manga relies on slapstick humor that at times was very confusing, yet I ended up liking the oddly paced stories that overlapped and skipped around a bit. Primarily following one young protagonist who … Continue reading City ~ Keiichi Arawi


Queer: A Graphic History ~ Meg John Barker

Rating: 3/5 This Graphic History is exactly what it sounds, a graphic history on what queer is. I suppose if you don't know much about the queer movement, these bite-sized chunks might appeal to you in gaining a better understanding of queer theory. This history explains lots of terminology and gives insight into many famous … Continue reading Queer: A Graphic History ~ Meg John Barker

My Favorite Thing is Monsters ~ Emil Ferris

Rating: 5/5 I absolutely loved this book! Ferris' graphics were incredible. Many of them literally took my breath away. I loved that she often changed mediums/style based on the emotions occuring in the story, translating them effectively on the page. Despite the vast quantity of side characters, I feel that each one plays into the … Continue reading My Favorite Thing is Monsters ~ Emil Ferris