Pachinko ~ Min Jin Lee

Rating: 5/5 Pachinko is a phenomenal read, chronicling a Korean family's history as they move from Korea to Japan and beyond. Beginning with Yangjin and Hoonie, Lee follows the family from early 1900s through the late 1900s, showing the successes and failures of the family at large. From the opening line, this book is striking. … Continue reading Pachinko ~ Min Jin Lee


American Hippo ~ Sarah Gailey

Available now from Tor! Rating: 5/5 I adore American Hippo. This enchanting rough and tumble alternative history of the South infested by feral hippopotamus, an animal introduced to America as an alternative meat resource which has since run awry, is sure to captivate readers seeking an inclusive Western-feeling caper. The sheer joy I found in … Continue reading American Hippo ~ Sarah Gailey

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet ~ Jamie Ford

Rating: 4/5 Alternating between Henry as a boy growing up in 1942 WWII and Henry as a middle aged man in 1986, Ford's novel is a beautiful historical fiction that hit me right in the feels. This book is sweet and romantic while reminding readers of tragedies of the past. The star-crossed interracial childhood lovers … Continue reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet ~ Jamie Ford