Female Husbands ~ Jen Manion

Rating: 4/5 Female Husbands is a nonfiction history of trans-ing gender in America. Beginning in the colonial era, Manion has clearly put the work in to give readers a picture of how gender trans-ing occurred many centuries ago. Early queer pioneers began adopting male appearances and social habits for a variety of reasons, from wanting … Continue reading Female Husbands ~ Jen Manion

The Library Book ~ Susan Orlean

Rating: 4/5 This is a love story about libraries and librarians, sharing some lesser known details about the inner workings of libraries, as well as information about the Los Angeles library fire. Heavily observation based, you can tell Orlean is coming from a journalistic perspective through the questions she asks. I really enjoyed some of … Continue reading The Library Book ~ Susan Orlean

Fly Girls ~ Keith O’Brien

Rating: 3/5 This history novel mainly follows the story of five brave women and their journeys with flying in the early to mid-1900’s. Included is Amelia Earhart’s story, one of the most famous female pilots to date. Surprisingly, I found their story more interesting than I’d anticipated. O’Brien’s writing style lends itself well to this … Continue reading Fly Girls ~ Keith O’Brien

Black History in its Own Words ~ Ronald Wimberly

History and art are the perfect companions, as demonstrated by this collection of illustrations. Wimberly began this with just 8 illustrations for a publication during Black History Month in 2015, and continued the series over the next few years. He's created this compilation in this lovely printed and bound book, and the effect is stunning. … Continue reading Black History in its Own Words ~ Ronald Wimberly

American Born Chinese ~ Gene Lien Yang

Date Completed: 7/3/2016 Rating: 9/10 At first glance, this book had a series of unconnected stories running parallel throughout the book. However, each story was actually intertwined and important to each other story. This book was beautifully and masterfully put together. There was a somewhat racist depiction of a character, Chin-Kee, running throughout the story, … Continue reading American Born Chinese ~ Gene Lien Yang