Sea Prayer ~ Khaled Hosseini

Rating:4/5 After seeing this book blasted all over the place, I was shocked by how short it actually was. It's like a picture book poem. That doesn't make it any less important, but I was surprised. Hosseini portrays the refugee crisis in such an emotionally moving way. Despite the despair that fills the crisis, the … Continue reading Sea Prayer ~ Khaled Hosseini

In the Country We Love ~ Diane Guerrero

Rating: 4/5 While not poetic in the slightest, Guerrero’s story is incredibly important to read and published at an important time politically. Guerrero is emotionally honest as she processes her experience of having her parents deported when she was fourteen. Her grief manifested in different ways, from guilt, to anger, to sadness, to perfectionism, and … Continue reading In the Country We Love ~ Diane Guerrero