Spot 12: The Story of a Birth ~ Jenny Jaeckel

Date Completed: 9/29/2016 Rating: 8/10 What a beautiful yet traumatic story. Spot 12 is a graphic memoir following the story of the birth of Jenny's daughter, Asa. Asa was born with a condition that meant she ended up spending the first five months of her life in the NICU, the ICU for premature babies and … Continue reading Spot 12: The Story of a Birth ~ Jenny Jaeckel

The Yard ~ Aliyyah Eniath

Date Completed: 9/7/2016 Rating: 6/10 The Yard is a love story, and more than that the story of family. Behrooz and Maya grow up on the Yard together, in Trinidad, but Behrooz has always been an outsider and Maya has a desire to explore the world. Her free spirit gets her in trouble often, but … Continue reading The Yard ~ Aliyyah Eniath

Liberty and Means ~ Kristin Dow

Date Completed: 6/25/2016 Rating: 7/10 Although the story was somewhat predictable, Liberty and Means captured my attention with all of its emotions and different trajectories. I've been finding that many of the contemporary women's fiction books I've been reading have felt very predictable and over the top, a quality i attempt to avoid. The plot … Continue reading Liberty and Means ~ Kristin Dow