The Buried Giant ~ Kazuo Ishiguro

Rating: 3/5 I have to say, I'm more a fan of Never Let me Go than I am of The Buried Giant. Personally, The Buried Giant is not quite my genre. This historical fiction/fantasy is a tale set in the UK with Saxons and Britons, during Sir Gawain's era and shortly after the fall of … Continue reading The Buried Giant ~ Kazuo Ishiguro


Never Let Me Go ~ Kazuo Ishiguro

Rating 5/5 This is my first Ishiguro read, although I'm also reading The Buried Giant at work in my free-time, which reads entirely differently from Never Let Me Go. Never Let Me Go is not action filled, yet I was fascinated throughout the entire read. My partner, although he enjoyed the story overall, had a … Continue reading Never Let Me Go ~ Kazuo Ishiguro