Just Listen ~ Sarah Dessen

Rating: 4/5 I was pleasantly surprised by Just Listen, as it was my first Sarah Dessen book. I religiously avoided reading anything by Dessen when I was in middle/high school, as she seemed far too "girly" for me, and I was on a personal quest to be viewed as anything but girly (even though I've … Continue reading Just Listen ~ Sarah Dessen

Bridge of Clay ~ Markus Zusak

Rating: 4/5 Bridge of Clay is Markus Zusak's, author of The Book Thief, most recent novel. Marketed as a young adult novel, this story is a very smart look at five brothers, their mother and father, and a few of their close friends and neighbors. Bridge of Clay reveals its story through bits and pieces … Continue reading Bridge of Clay ~ Markus Zusak

Giant Days Vol. 6 Allison, Sarin, Fleming, Cogar

Rating: 3/5 Still thoroughly enjoying this comic series, and looking forward to continuing to follow the girls on their delightful misadventures. They begin their second year of university, and living off campus is not quite as easy as they thought it would be. They deal with broken furniture, grumpy neighbors, getting jobs, and making repairs. … Continue reading Giant Days Vol. 6 Allison, Sarin, Fleming, Cogar

Marriage of a Thousand Lies ~ S J Sindu

Rating:4/5 This novel was delightfully readable, which is a stark contrast between many of the books I've been reading lately. I needed something lighter and easier to read as I'm headed into winter with already several inches of snowpack on the ground in Vermont.  Lucky and her husband Krishna have been married for several years, … Continue reading Marriage of a Thousand Lies ~ S J Sindu