Death and Other Holidays ~ Marci Vogel

Happy Book Birthday to Death and Other Holidays! Rating: 4/5 Vogel's debut work of fiction is the story of a young woman coping with the death of her stepfather and going about her life for a year after his death. I didn't catch the main character's name, but it really felt as if I was … Continue reading Death and Other Holidays ~ Marci Vogel


Family Trust ~ Kathy Wang

Rating: 5/5 I hated the characters, hated the plot, but loved this book. Here's why. This novel focuses on four main characters, Stanley and his ex-wife Linda, and their two children, Kate and Denny, coming together around the concept of a family trust. Through their eyes, we see a myriad of side characters, but we … Continue reading Family Trust ~ Kathy Wang

The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy ~ Mackenzi Lee

Happy Book Birthday to The Lady's Guide by Makenzi Lee! Rating: 5/5 The Lady's Guide was even more awesome than Lee's last book! Felicity Montague has been living in Edinburgh with her baker friend, Callum. Unfortunately for her, he proposes, giving her an ultimatum of accepting his proposal or moving out of the house. Her … Continue reading The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy ~ Mackenzi Lee

Fly Girls ~ Keith O’Brien

Rating: 3/5 This history novel mainly follows the story of five brave women and their journeys with flying in the early to mid-1900’s. Included is Amelia Earhart’s story, one of the most famous female pilots to date. Surprisingly, I found their story more interesting than I’d anticipated. O’Brien’s writing style lends itself well to this … Continue reading Fly Girls ~ Keith O’Brien