Outlander ~ Diana Gabaldon

Date Completed: 8/2/2016 Rating: 7/10 This book took me forever to finish. I liked the characters, I liked the romance, I liked the premise, but I didn't love any of it. And six hundred pages in, it gets a little hard to keep going through a story that you only like, not love. However, after … Continue reading Outlander ~ Diana Gabaldon


Liberty and Means ~ Kristin Dow

Date Completed: 6/25/2016 Rating: 7/10 Although the story was somewhat predictable, Liberty and Means captured my attention with all of its emotions and different trajectories. I've been finding that many of the contemporary women's fiction books I've been reading have felt very predictable and over the top, a quality i attempt to avoid. The plot … Continue reading Liberty and Means ~ Kristin Dow