The Poisonwood Bible ~ Barbara Kingsolver

Rating: 3/5 I'm not sure if this book just wasn't meant for me or if it was perhaps because I took such a long break from this book (almost 6 months! yikes!), but I didn't enjoy this book as much as I was expecting. I've read three of Kingsolver's books now, and I found I … Continue reading The Poisonwood Bible ~ Barbara Kingsolver


Womanish ~ Kim McLaren

Rating: 5/5 This nonfiction title explores some heavy topics, such as racism, sexism, mental health, and feminism through McLaren's life lens. Her perspective is not unique, but the way she writes about her story feels inspiring and fresh. I was drawn to Womanish by the gorgeous bright pink and purple cover, but a pretty cover … Continue reading Womanish ~ Kim McLaren

Lumberjanes Vol 1 ~ Noelle Stevenson

Rating: 4/5 This is a quirky science fiction style graphic novel series featuring girl scout campers known as Lumberjanes. Stevenson is the author of Nimona, and she really has a handle on anti-heroes, friendships, and strong female leads, which she continues to show through this series. I can't believe I haven't read these sooner, I … Continue reading Lumberjanes Vol 1 ~ Noelle Stevenson

Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir ~ Liz Prince

Rating: 4.5/5 Feminist/queer studies through somebody's personal experiences, this graphic novel is straight up my alley. Prince's honest approach to her story makes reading this graphic memoir so worthwhile. She is open about some of the flaws in her thinking, and honest with her emotions throughout her journey. I felt connected to her various stages, … Continue reading Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir ~ Liz Prince