Ghost ~ Jason Reynolds

Rating: 4/5 This book about a young teen boy who joins a running group after trying to show up their star player was a win for me. He had a very realistic voice from, and Reynolds really shines through. Ghost's struggles to stay honest felt real. He felt like a good kid who just wanted … Continue reading Ghost ~ Jason Reynolds

Someone Like You ~ Sarah Dessen

2/5 My least favorite Sarah Dessen. This is more what I was expecting from all of them when I started reading her entire collection. (It's written in the 1998, so maybe this is where some of the things I didn't enjoy stemmed from?) Someone Like You is the story of two best friends trying to … Continue reading Someone Like You ~ Sarah Dessen

Foreshadow ~ edited by Nova Rem Suma and Emily X R Pan

Rating: 5/5 A fascinating collection of short stories, each based around a different prompt, many of which are horror or have a large unusual twist. At the beginning of each story is a quote from a well known YA author, and at the end, the author and editor process about the story devices. This is … Continue reading Foreshadow ~ edited by Nova Rem Suma and Emily X R Pan

The Poet X ~ Elizabeth Acevedo

Rating: 4/5 Seemingly semi-autobiographical, a young woman in Harlem uses slam poetry to explore her relationship to her mother, religion, and her community. It's her way of making sense of her place in the world, and sharing that with others. Xiomara is frustrated by her mother's expectations of her, and frustrated with feeling left out … Continue reading The Poet X ~ Elizabeth Acevedo